My name is Benjamin Ansley, for 10 years now I have been a registered Medical Social Adviser and I work in LifeChoices, a private counseling, and dating practice program.

My counseling season can be done online, through phone or even in personal visitation. I specialized mostly in counseling students and adults advising them on how harmful a mismanaged relationship can be and how It could be avoided or managed.

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In order to overcome this situation the guide which Karen was using explained that in such situations you need to do two things and the first choice is to do nothing,

Why do nothing if you ask, the guide further explains that by doing nothing you make the guy feel jealous


In our modern world especially today, the term dating can be described as a very popular expression and it can more be described as the act of exchanging information about one person to another through the use of mediums today like social media, online dating sites, and public chat sites.