When the world entered the 1900s era, the pursuit and commitment of marriage became a more important act than having to go out on supervised dates. The marriages taking place in this era was more developed and Closer supervisions took place in this era, for instance, the mother of the lady would invite the prospecting partner to her house and she would set up a date meeting between the two partners, this era really changed on the way dating was seen and considered.

During the middle of the 1900s especially the 1930s, the method of dating changed completely from what it was formerly known as In American history. In this period prospecting partners had date meetings and there they discovered they could understand each other by having a meeting and observing themselves also, coupled with the fact that they were influenced by their friends and they could at this stage choose to make and comply with their own principles in the date meetings. Also, in this age did dating take a turn from the old system of boorish talking and eating as in this era, the daters were influenced by the movies and advertisements displayed on media at that time, then there came the dancing in dating and it was considered as a good step in developing a relationship.

Consecutively, in the early 1960s and 1970s dating took a new turn as it was no longer limited to prospecting couples but instead it came to be practiced in schools and because of the scientific discovery of phones and other gadgets  dating became more easily practiced as early phone calls among daters led to early marriages among prospecting couples.

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In order to overcome this situation the guide which Karen was using explained that in such situations you need to do two things and the first choice is to do nothing,

Why do nothing if you ask, the guide further explains that by doing nothing you make the guy feel jealous


In our modern world especially today, the term dating can be described as a very popular expression and it can more be described as the act of exchanging information about one person to another through the use of mediums today like social media, online dating sites, and public chat sites.